It has been announced that the Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) is developing patent-pending ‘reveal inks’ which will provide reminders to return certain items such a milk, yoghurt and ketchup to the fridge to prevent food poisoning.

Between 2009-2010, 21 per cent of diseases caused by food occurred in the home – generally caused by foods being undercooked or left out for too long at room temperature, reports.

This development is revolutionary for the food and beverage market and could help to reduce illness by food poisoning.

The ‘reveal inks’ can be printed onto cans, paper labels and cartons, and use inks which have been developed to display at different temperatures. When the milk is at a safe temperature the label will read ‘drink milk’, and when it reaches a target warm temperature the carton will read ‘return to fridge’.

Patrick Edson told that most parents understand that food safety is a big deal, but they need help with determining how long some foods can be out of the fridge.

Mr Edson said “Food companies are understandably hesitant to put warning labels on their packaging, so the problem continues to exist. The simple solution is a ‘return to fridge’ reminder that appears on packaging when the product starts to warm up and the product can become vulnerable to spoilage.”


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