Packaging manufacturers have been urged to make products easier to open, after a poll revealed a quarter of Brits regularly find it too stubborn.

The survey, conducted by Which?, suggested that 40 per cent of consumers have suffered an injury in their attempts to open sturdy packaging. A fifth of respondents admitted they avoid certain products because they are too difficult too open.

According to, the survey ranked plenty of cosmetic products, including toothbrushes, mouthwash and soap pads amongst the most difficult to open. Metal cans were found to be the most likely to cause injury.

In an interview with, Which? editor Richard Headland questioned why this issue hadn’t been tackled earlier

“With one in four people telling us they regularly need help to open everyday products, bad packaging is not only frustrating but is causing injuries too. We want manufacturers to improve the design of product packaging and make opening instructions much clearer,” he said.

A high proportion of those questioned said that they have used tools to help them open certain types of packaging. Nine out of ten respondents have used a knife for assistance, whilst two thirds use scissors. Two per cent said they had to use a hammer to get through a particularly troublesome piece of packaging.


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