Manufacturers could benefit from making their items easier to open, as 73 per cent of consumers purposely buy food and drink items that look simple to open.

According to, research from The Grocer also revealed that despite this, many consumers still find food packaging hard to open. In fact, nine in ten have said they were forced to use tools such as knives, pliers and screwdrivers in an attempt to open difficult packaging. As a result, two-third of Brits have injured themselves whilst trying to open something.

A survey of grocery, marketing and packaging executives also showed that industry experts fail to successfully open packaging too, as 88 per cent said they had to use some sort of tool to open food items.

The most popular tool of choice was scissors, with 80 per cent admitting to using this tool. This was closely followed by knives, which were tried by 74 per cent of people. A worrying 47 per cent said they have used their teeth in the past, but only a small amount tried screwdrivers (15 per cent) and pliers (nine per cent).

It’s not just food packaging that causes problems though, as the hardest to open packaging was clamshell cases, which usually house razors and electrical goods. Tins with a key came in second place, despite the fact they have been designed to be easy to open, reports


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