It might be highly calorific and extremely hard to get hold of, but New York’s newest bakery craze is taking the world by storm, reports.

The ‘cronut’ is a delicious combination of doughnut and croissant, dreamt up and produced exclusively by Dominique Ansel at his bakery in The Big Apple. Made in limited quantities each morning, the sugary treats gained notoriety online and just three weeks after they first went on sale, Ansel sees queues of people outside the bakery long before opening time.

So popular are cronuts, that customers are limited to buying no more than two each and the French chef has had to trademark his creation to prevent rival bakeries getting a slice of the action. Little wonder, therefore, that cronuts have started to appear for sale on the internet, selling for up to £65 a piece.

According to, Ansel now stands at the front of the cronut queue, ready to remove any customer that suspects may be an illegal cronut seller.

The chef understandably refuses to share his recipe but concedes that it contains lots of butter and cream. Each multi-layered cake is fried in grapeseed oil to leave the outside flaky but the inside soft, then topped with that month’s flavoured glaze.

Although many customers are turned away empty-handed, Ansel has no desire to create more than the 200-250 units baked each day: “I’m a big fan of quality over quantity”, he said.


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