Food manufacturers are being pressured to increase their use of recyclable packaging.

Consumers are reportedly keener than ever to buy products with packaging they can recycle, because many councils are looking to limit the amount of non-recyclable they are willing to collect.

Some councils have limited their refuse collection to two bags per household per fortnight. Meanwhile, reports that bin men in the North West are now being instructed to inspect recycling bins and leave any bins with the wrong types of rubbish in them.

It’s clear that an increase in recyclable packaging will make this problem less of a worry for consumers.

Paul Francis, who is a sales manager at packaging manufacturer Flexico UK, believes that most food manufacturers are aware of their responsibility to provide recyclable packaging.

However, in an interview with, he pointed out that they were also under more pressure than ever to offer cheap packaging to supermarkets.

He added: “As pressure from consumers highlights the need for re-sealable packaging to prolong the life of left over produce, food manufacturers will have to seek packaging alternatives, as we, in turn, will have to find the solutions to meet their requirements; including cost, shelf-life, ease of use and even biodegradable properties.”


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