A rise in people living alone will cause more food manufacturers to consider whether they’re selling enough of their products in single portions.

That’s according to a lowdown of the upcoming trends in food packaging from the industry experts at packagingeurope.com, who are backing meals-for-one to become huge sellers in the months ahead.

The website claimed single-serve portions are on the rise in the UK and Europe, fuelled mainly by an increase in people living alone. However, abcnews.go.com says food choices are also being driven by fragmented dining times as a result of employees having to work late.

An article from Packaging Europe suggested that food and beverage manufacturers would be wise to take notice of such trends, listing a number of benefits attached to doing so.

“The growth of single serve packaging adds value to the customer – for example, whilst single packs are generally more expensive per volume, consumers still choose them for their convenience.”

Packaging Europe adds that although more containers and sleeves are used overall, only offering portions that people can eat in one sitting can address the issue of food wastage.

Furthermore, the article explained that innovation in the use of renewable materials like bio-plastics will allow the food industry to prove how much of a focus it’s placing on sustainability.


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