British Farmers from the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the National Pig Association (NPA) have said that the new rules introduced by the European Commission regarding food labelling will confuse British shoppers.

The Commission has introduced laws that require food to detail where the meat was reared and slaughtered. The NFU and NPA are calling for the new rules to include where the animal was born, as consumers could be led to believe that an animal is from the UK when in fact it was born elsewhere.

According to, the farmers believe that this extra information is essential whilst consumers and companies are still concerned about the origin of their meat after the horsemeat scandal.

The NFU deputy president, Meurig Raymond, told that, since 2010, producers of food products have stuck to the guidelines given to them concerning labelling as any deviation from this would undermine the trust of British farmers and consumers.

Mr Raymond said: “We want to see the British government, retailers and the food processing industry taking a clear position to safeguard the integrity of the United Kingdom brand because we are concerned about the potential to mislead consumers by the use of flags and other marketing claims on origins of meat.”


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