A number of Britons believe they have tasted ‘chicken trotters’ and ‘pigs wings’, according to a new study that surveyed Britons on their eating habits.

Cited by meatmanagement.com, the survey – conducted by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme – presented a list of foodstuffs including two fake delicacies to a number of respondents, who were asked to indicate which foods they had tried before.

An astonishing one in ten people admitted they had tasted ‘chicken trotters’ while eight per cent of those surveyed have sampled ‘pigs wings’ on a previous occasion.

These responses were made in spite of 72 per cent claiming they had visited a real working farm with animals.

The conclusion of the study suggests that some people need to work on their food and beverage knowledge along with connecting with ‘where their food comes from and the lives of the animals that produce it’.

While David Squair, Food Freedom’s chief executive, chuckled to himself about the thought of pigs flying and chickens trotting, he explained that the results of the report were genuinely “worrying”.

He said to politics.co.uk: “The majority of farm animals are kept in conditions which don’t fully meet their welfare needs. If people knew more about the provenance of the food they eat and the lives of the animals that produce it, they are more likely to care about how those animals are looked after.”


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