The European Commission (EC) has scrapped its plans to force restaurants to serve olive oil only in ‘tamper-proof’ packaging rather than refillable bowls, jars or bottles.

That’s according to, which revealed that after widespread criticism of the plans, the EC decided against making the change.

It initially¬†wanted to ban oil being served in refillable containers to ‘protect consumers from fraud’, claiming that some restaurateurs buy an expensive bottle of oil, use it up then refill the container with a cheaper brand. The EC also suggested the banning of refillable bottles could make for more hygienic serving conditions, adds.

However reports speculated that such a measure would only serve to harm independent traders and manufacturers.

Now, restaurateurs will be able to go on serving their oil in whatever way they wish; be it in plastic bottles, glass jars or porcelain bowls/plates. The EU’s farm commissioner, Dacian Ciolos, confirmed that he had been “very alive” to the debate his proposed measure had caused.

In a statement, he added: “I’ve decided to withdraw this proposal and not submit it for adoption.” Ciolos concluded by saying that nevertheless, he would push forward with restaurateurs and manufacturers to find a “better way” to maintain transparency across the board.


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