According to a British software firm, postal operators across Europe are suffering from an underpaid postage issue that is costing billions of dollars, reports.

Pinesoft’s research showed that postage deficits, fraud and unpaid mail all adds up to an incredible sum, although the true scale of the problem was ‘difficult to determine’.

The firm, which works among the postal sector, spoke to representatives of 27 national postal operators from the EU. They concluded that lack of training was probably a large factor behind the ‘leakage’ and that manual checks were actually slowing down attempts to stem the issue.

The news comes at a time when the UK is still reeling from stamp price increases which suspects will become even more complicated once Royal Mail is sold off.

Little wonder, therefore, that so many operators said they were looking at automating their processes, in order to more efficiently identify items that don’t have the correct postage.

Pinesoft’s managing director, Dr Stephen Dakin emphasised that postal operators were seeking ‘ways to plug the leak’.

“They understand that by clawing back lost revenue through better and more efficient, more automated management of undercharged and unpaid mail, for example, they can add value to their businesses and profitability to the bottom line.”





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