Northern Ireland consumes more confectionery than anywhere else in Britain, whilst Wales takes the title for milk and cream, reports.

New government research has detailed the popularity of certain foods and drinks around the UK, showing not just that which is popular but the specific region in which it is enjoyed most.

For confectionery, Northern Ireland came out comfortably on top of the table, with each person consuming an average of 161 grams per week. The next in line (North East) consumed a whole ten fewer grams every week.

When it comes to cheese, however, Northern Ireland swaps from the top of the table to the bottom, with its residents consuming an average of 96 grams every week. Top of this list was the South West, where the average is at 138 grams.

Sticking with dairy; Wales takes the crown for milk and cream, putting away 2,054ml of the stuff per person per week. Next is the South West with 2,036ml, whilst London was by far the lowest, managing just 1,622ml per person.

The South West came out on top for vegetables (excluding potatoes), followed closely by the South East. Respectively, each region managed 1,201 and 1,178 grams for each person every week. Again, Northern Ireland closed out the poll, scoring just 899 grams.

Noting the geographical divides, Marie Murphy of the British Nutrition Foundation told “Income is strongly linked to eating patterns.

“Level of deprivation may play a role in the differences in this survey. In more deprived groups, we generally see poorer dietary habits.”


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