A recent survey has shown that consumers believe that direct mail is still important in the marketing industry.

According to Print Monthly magazine, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) surveyed 1,232 UK adults to find out how they feel about direct mail. They found that 79 per cent of customers act straight away on direct mail, showing that it is still an important marketing tool.

There is still a lot of trust in direct mail too, as 57 per cent of the respondents said it was the most trustworthy compared to other media channels, reports marketwire.com.

In addition, the study revealed that customers were more likely to visit a company site after receiving direct mail over getting an email.

Technology may indeed play an important role in today’s society, but 90 per cent of people said they couldn’t imagine living without a letterbox, whereas only 86 per cent of people said they couldn’t live without a mobile phone.

DMA Director of Communications, Rachel Aldighieri, said that direct mail is still a key component in the overall brand experience.

“Many people today easily could choose to conduct their lives entirely online, but they don’t. For brands to market effectively in a truly connected world, they must fully recognise the role that print communications play for many years to come,” she said.


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