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Two Sides debunk paper and print myths to encourage use within the industry

Sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable. Definitions that underline the same broad concept, the preservation of our environment and resources for the future. Many of us are told that ‘paper is bad for the environment’ and that moving to online communications will help save the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. However, neither of these points are… Read more

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Switzerland top the chart for being the world’s most innovative country

Switzerland have a long standing reputation for innovation. The World Intellectual Property Organisation has evaluated innovation levels across 130 economies and it’s no surprise Swiss innovation has topped the chart with a score of 65.6 out of 100, the eleventh times it has been named the world leader in innovation. * For over 70 years… Read more

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Kern, your global provider of logistic solutions

Recent data published by Tamebay claims the UK now has the most parcel deliveries per person in the world, overtaking countries such as Japan and the US. With 140 million parcels being generated each day, parcels per person rose to 74 compared to the worldwide average of 34 parcels per person per year. This huge… Read more

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