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Packaging Innovations Show a success

London’s Business Design Centre recently opened its doors for the Packaging Innovations London 2013 and the event was a success. The two-day event rant from October 1st to 2nd in Islington and showcased a wide range of packaging developments, as well as holding a number of informative seminars. In its fourth year, over 170 different… Read more

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New food packaging safety measures

It has been announced that the Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) is developing patent-pending ‘reveal inks’ which will provide reminders to return certain items such a milk, yoghurt and ketchup to the fridge to prevent food poisoning. Between 2009-2010, 21 per cent of diseases caused by food occurred in the home – generally caused by foods… Read more

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Instant coffee fuelling growth in hot beverage market

Continued strength in sales of instant coffee is leading to a resurgence in the hot beverage market, reports Overall sales of hot drinks have risen by 2.4 per cent over the last 12 months, thanks in part to sales of instant products from the likes of Nescafe and Kenco. The market is now worth £1.73 billion a year to retailers, spurred on by a four… Read more

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Brits developing a more acquired taste in cheese

British shoppers are developing a more acquired taste in cheese. New data released by Kantar suggests that sales of continental cheeses have spiked by eight per cent in the last year. Using sales figures from Tesco, researchers revealed that sales of Chaourcee, Comte, Langres and cave-aged Emmental have all more than doubled. In an interview… Read more

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Exhibitions still have their place in the packaging industry, says expert

A packaging expert has claimed that exhibitions still have their place in the industry. Although it is claimed that some in the industry are finding it harder to attract “high-quality visitors”, David Harrison, group exhibitions manager at the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA), suggested they can still be worthwhile if they are organised correctly…. Read more

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Food manufacturers pressured to use recyclable packaging

Food manufacturers are being pressured to increase their use of recyclable packaging. Consumers are reportedly keener than ever to buy products with packaging they can recycle, because many councils are looking to limit the amount of non-recyclable they are willing to collect. Some councils have limited their refuse collection to two bags per household per fortnight…. Read more

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Transpromo to continue gaining traction

Transpromo will continue to be used for years to come, although it could be known by a different name, one expert has claimed. German publication ‘BIT’ spoke with Compart AG chairman and CEO Harald Gumser to determine how the ever-changing IT world would look in the coming years. One aspect Gumser noted was transpromo, claiming… Read more

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Direct mail, book publishing and transpromo are encouraging sources of growth

A survey has suggested that direct mail, book publishing and transpromo are encouraging sources of growth for firms that use digital printing to help grow their business. According to, this information comes from a survey conducted in six languages, sent to over 400 graphic communications providers in the Xerox Premier Partners Global Network. The… Read more

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