British shoppers are developing a more acquired taste in cheese.

New data released by Kantar suggests that sales of continental cheeses have spiked by eight per cent in the last year.

Using sales figures from Tesco, researchers revealed that sales of Chaourcee, Comte, Langres and cave-aged Emmental have all more than doubled.

In an interview with, British Cheese Board secretary Nigel White linked this rise to an improvement in the British economy.

He said: “The UK economy is improving and some households are becoming more adventurous. Total cheese consumption appears to be rising and imports have been assisted by a weakening of the Euro.”

This shift in popularity could result in higher demand for certain types of cheese packaging. British Baker Magazine has reported on this supposed cheese innovation, suggesting that it is becoming an increasingly prominent ingredient in the savoury bakery market.

It claims that 90 new products in this market between 1 January 2011 and 12 September 2012 featured cheese as a key ingredient.

Owen Davies, who is category manager at Cheese Cellar, told the magazine: “An emerging trend has been adding cheese to breads… increasingly speciality and artisan breads with interesting ingredients usually as more of a luxury purchase for a dinner party, for example.”


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