Companies who are heavy mailers are said to be worried about a hike in prices from the postal service, according to

Firms who use the service frequently, such as banks and those running magazines and catalogues, are said to be preparing themselves as it is rumoured that the organisation will introduce a broad rate increase for its mailing service next month. This comes after Dave Partenheimer, a spokesman for the board of governors for the postal service, said on Tuesday (August 27) that the organisation is exploring “the possibility of filing for price adjustment later this year.”

The move is reportedly being considered to get the service out of its dire financial situation. However, experts and those against the move say that the solution would only be a short-term fix and may attack some of the service’s best customers.

The board is set to meet on September 5th in order to make the final decision about the pricing of its service. However, a group of 50 organisations who regularly use the service have formed the Affordable Mail Alliance and are lobbying against the changes.

If the postal service does decided to introduce increases, they will have to be capped at inflation, so will only be able to rise by around two per cent in January 2014. However, the organisation will be able to request a higher increase from the Consumer Price Index if they prove there are “exigent” circumstances.


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