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Manufacturers urged to make weaker packaging

Packaging manufacturers have been urged to make products easier to open, after a poll revealed a quarter of Brits regularly find it too stubborn. The survey, conducted by Which?, suggested that 40 per cent of consumers have suffered an injury in their attempts to open sturdy packaging. A fifth of respondents admitted they avoid certain products… Read more

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Nostalgic packaging becoming popular in baking industry

Nostalgic packaging is becoming increasingly popular within the baking industry. Research from business analyst Datamonitor has suggested that more bakeries are opting for packaging that reminds customers of simpler times. Tanvi Savara, who is an associate analyst at Datamonitor, has claimed that this is a particularly effective tactic for those targeting older demographics. Speaking to,… Read more

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Energy-efficient practices tipped to make manufacturers

British manufacturers can create an additional 300,000 jobs and boost profits by £10 billion a year by adopting more energy-efficient business practices, a new report claims. The ‘Next Manufacturing Revolution (NMR)’ report set manufacturers this target after investigating the most efficient practices currently taking place across the globe. The report, published on, indicated that the… Read more

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World’s most environmentally-efficient packaging unveiled

The world’s most envinronmentally-efficient packaging material has been unveiled. Polyair, which is made from sugar cane, is 100 per cent recyclable and even produces oxygen via the process of photosynthesis. The product was created by Polythene UK, which claims that 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere for every tonne of… Read more

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Welsh government discussing methods of reducing packaging waste

A range of new measures are being considered to help reduce packaging waste in Wales. The Welsh government has published a consultation outlining possible methods of ensuring that retailers use less packaging in the future. According to, it labelled plastic, paper and card packaging in the food industry as a priority for waste reduction…. Read more

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Manufacturers keen to invest in new machinery, says poll

More than 70 per cent of food packaging manufacturers will invest in new machinery this year, according to a new survey. In a poll administered by the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), manufacturers were largely enthusiastic about the year ahead. More than half of the European manufacturers questioned said they expected an improvement in volumes this… Read more

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