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Amazon warehouse drones could save more than

Robotic drones being utilised in Amazon’s warehouses could save the company more than £550 million a year. The e-commerce giant has revealed it is utilising 1,400 drones in three of its warehouses in an effort to improve efficiency. The one-foot high, battery powered orange boxes navigate the warehouse on wheels, using scan coded directions to… Read more

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Britain’s first “social supermarket” opens

Britain’s first “social supermarket” has opened in South Yorkshire. The shop sells food, drink and cosmetic products that cannot be sold in mainstream supermarkets, due to weight errors, packaging imperfections or other minor mistakes, at discounts of up to 70 per cent. It has already issued membership cards to local residents who are on benefits, allowing them… Read more

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High demand for seasonal grocery delivery slots

Shoppers are already scrambling to book up delivery dates for their Christmas groceries, but some may have missed the boat already. Luxury supermarket chain Waitrose has announced that its online grocery delivery slots for Christmas Eve have already been booked up and the slots for December 23 as well. Other supermarkets are yet to announce… Read more

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Packaging manufacturers have “no option” but to improve sustainability

Packaging manufacturers have “no option” but to improve their sustainability credentials, it has been claimed. Ashwin Moorthy, who is head of engineering and innovation at Nampak Plastics, believes that the “age of abundance” is well and truly over in the packaging industry and that all packaging designers must now proactively look at methods of saving on… Read more

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Supermarkets issued warning over portion sizes

Supermarkets have been urged to keep a control on portion sizes, following revelations that some products have almost doubled in size over the last two decades. Representatives from the British Heart Foundation issued the plea after comparing the change in sizes of 245 products sold by the ‘big four’ supermarket chains. According to, a typical shepherds pie ready… Read more

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Brits developing a more acquired taste in cheese

British shoppers are developing a more acquired taste in cheese. New data released by Kantar suggests that sales of continental cheeses have spiked by eight per cent in the last year. Using sales figures from Tesco, researchers revealed that sales of Chaourcee, Comte, Langres and cave-aged Emmental have all more than doubled. In an interview… Read more

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Food manufacturers pressured to use recyclable packaging

Food manufacturers are being pressured to increase their use of recyclable packaging. Consumers are reportedly keener than ever to buy products with packaging they can recycle, because many councils are looking to limit the amount of non-recyclable they are willing to collect. Some councils have limited their refuse collection to two bags per household per fortnight…. Read more

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Cake makers tipped to stray from tradition this Christmas

Cake makers won’t be afraid to stray from tradition when designing festive desserts this Christmas season, it has been predicted. Diane Lunt, marketing manager at Renshaw Bakery, suggested traditionally-covered Christmas fruit cakes are being phased out in favour of more modern alternatives. In an interview with British Baker Magazine, she advised customers to prepare for a more… Read more

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