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Packaging injunction could lead to tighter restrictions for food firms

The food industry could soon be governed by more stringent packaging legislation after supermarket giant Aldi was hit with legal action over design imitation, reports. Earlier this week, Icelandic Seachill, which has its UK headquarters in Grimsby, secured a high court interim injunction against Aldi after claiming that the supermarket chain had unlawfully copied… Read more

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Packaging efficiency offers financial benefits, expert notes

Businesses that embrace efficient packaging could boost their finances while helping the environment, according to one waste expert. Andy Dawe, the head of food and drink at the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), made the claims after his organisation released the results of a study which show that manufacturers have managed to cut the… Read more

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Food packaging could be linked to obesity

More research needs to be carried out into the links between food packaging and issues like obesity and diabetes, experts say. Writing in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, a group of scientists pointed out that the plastics used to make drinks bottles and even tableware could contain as many as 4,000 chemicals, with… Read more

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One third of consumers regularly buy non-branded food

One third of British adults claim that non-branded food products make up at least half of their weekly shopping lists, reports. The findings come courtesy of a new report from market research firm Canadean Custom Solutions. Its researchers found that many shoppers feel the only difference between private-label goods and their brand-name equivalents is… Read more

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Amazon to improve service using regional distribution hubs

E-commerce giant Amazon could be set to increase its reliance on local distribution centres in order to improve the service it offers shoppers, reports. The smaller local hubs will help the company with its plans to trial an innovative new “anticipatory shipping” service. It was also confirmed this week that shoppers around the UK… Read more

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Supermarkets adopt new approaches to meet e-commerce demand

An increasing number of supermarkets are being forced to change their tactics in order to adapt to the changing e-commerce habits of consumers. Property firm Jones Lang LaSalle is expecting major grocery retailers to build significantly on the amount of space they currently devote to internet custom. According to, Waitrose, Tesco and Asda will… Read more

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