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Unilever wins top honours at DuPont packaging awards

British-Dutch consumer goods group Unilever received the highest accolade at a prestigious packaging excellence award ceremony, reports. The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation recognised 16 brands out of a record 200 international entrants. The independent judges gave the night’s top prize, the Diamond Award, to Unilever for its line in compressed deodorant cans. Unilever’s… Read more

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Sainsbury’s cracks down on recycling Easter Egg boxes

In an attempt to cut down on landfill waste, Sainsbury’s is highlighting the recyclability of its Easter egg packaging, reports. The seasonal chocolate goodies have received much criticism over the years due to the sheer amount of packaging they comprise. Research published in 2012 by Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson discovered that Easter eggs… Read more

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CEO hints at possible stamp price rise

Royal Mail’s CEO has suggested that the newly-privatised company may need to increase the price of a stamp in order to remain competitive, reports. Moya Greene told Sky News that Royal Mail’s services and products were ‘cheaply priced’ when compared against those offered by rival companies in Europe. However, there was a need to price accordingly for… Read more

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GPMA to give pirnt industry ‘one voice’

A new alliance has been created between seven print trade bodies in order to improve performance and present a unified ‘voice’, reports. Announced at the latest Fespa event, the Graphic, Print & Media Alliance (GPMA) aims to make the the industry more efficient through sharing information among founding members. The alliance comprises the British Association for Print… Read more

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Latest craze ‘cronut’ being resold online for

It might be highly calorific and extremely hard to get hold of, but New York’s newest bakery craze is taking the world by storm, reports. The ‘cronut’ is a delicious combination of doughnut and croissant, dreamt up and produced exclusively by Dominique Ansel at his bakery in The Big Apple. Made in limited quantities each morning, the sugary… Read more

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EU postal operators face billions in underpaid postage

According to a British software firm, postal operators across Europe are suffering from an underpaid postage issue that is costing billions of dollars, reports. Pinesoft’s research showed that postage deficits, fraud and unpaid mail all adds up to an incredible sum, although the true scale of the problem was ‘difficult to determine’. The firm, which works… Read more

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Expert emphasises that cosmetics have ‘best before’ dates

In the world of cosmetics, age matters, according to a skin specialist speaking via While consumers are quick to dispense with perishable items once they have surpassed their ‘eat-by’ dates, it’s another thing entirely with cosmetics. Many users will be unaware that their favourite skin products or make-up also have a defined shelf life. Dr… Read more

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‘UK is returning to mail’ according to specialist

Direct Mail specialist, Baker Goodchild, believes that the British public is ‘returning to mail’, having achieved some great results over the past year. Recording bumper sales, the Birmingham-based mail company saw revenues grow by 45 per cent, while this year’s growth is already standing at 30 per cent, despite the recession. It’s an impressive situation and one which managing… Read more

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