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Ever tried ‘chicken trotters’? One in ten Britons believe they have, claims survey

A number of Britons believe they have tasted ‘chicken trotters’ and ‘pigs wings’, according to a new study that surveyed Britons on their eating habits. Cited by, the survey – conducted by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme – presented a list of foodstuffs including two fake delicacies to a number of respondents, who were asked to indicate… Read more

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Royal Mail respond to privatisation concerns

Royal Mail has the potential to flourish under private ownership according to an article which suggests former Government-owned firms like Rolls Royce and BP have prospered under such ownership. A post titled ‘Privatisation of Royal Mail: the facts’ on suggests the organisation’s upcoming privatisation will allow the firm to combine the ‘best of the… Read more

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Waitrose vows to cut packaging in half by 2016

Retail giant Waitrose is planning to cut its packaging waste in half as part of the firm’s new corporate social responsibility pledge. Reported by, Waitrose is planning to halve packaging waste by 2016 as part of the 12 pledges in its ‘Waitrose Way’ commitments to sustainability. A full redesign and packaging update has been given… Read more

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