Route One Print is one of the fastest growing online print companies. Specialising in supplying standardised digital, litho and wide format printing services to a customer base of print brokers of all shapes and sizes, the company now operates its own ecommerce platform developed fully in-house.

Route One Print aims to unlock the true potential of e-commerce through using state of the art equipment and the latest technology to ensure they are operating as the most efficient level they possibly can.

 The challenge

 As demand increased the need for further expansion become more urgent. With everyone stretched to their maximum, Route One Print needed to save both time and money fast. In order to do this they turned to KernPack for a helping hand.

Lewis Burke, Procurement Manager explains: “Since 2011, the volume of work has increased 30-40% year on year, which has been extremely positive for us however, we found ourselves in a bottle neck situation with the speed at which our staff could manually pack and box. In order for us to continually keep ahead of schedule, we knew we had to address this issue.”

The solution

After considering other packaging companies, Route One Print was quickly drawn to KernPack and decided to adopt KernPack’s shrink wrapping solution and bander in October 2013. Comments Lewis “We were impressed by KernPack’s thorough and detailed approach. They also factored in our future plans, which meant the solution would grow with us. Also,during the demo we deliberately threw a number of products through the bander at wrong angles and we were amazed with just how quickly errors could be remedied. Now when leaflets, business cards or flyers have been guillotined and cut to size, they can be banded and shrink wrapped immediately, prior to loading into boxes for prompt dispatch.

The benefit

This enabled Route One Print to retrain 2 full time employees and utilise them elsewhere within the business. The former disjointed process was turned on its head with the introduction of the new solution, which meant their work was processed seamlessly; resulting in immediate cost savings and increased efficiencies. “We’re happy because we’ve saved enormous amounts of time and money,” confirms Lewis.

KernPack’s service support continues to deliver on going benefits to the company, as explained by Lewis  “They’ve given us the confidence that post sales, they’re not just going to walk away.  There’s always someone from the team coming back to touch base with us and make sure everything is running smoothly. Sound peace of mind is achieved by knowing that we always have regular contact with KernPack, whereby we feel genuinely supported and looked after. The KernPack engineers not only service the machine but also work with our operatives by explaining to them what’s been done. We have a dozen different people in on various shifts and receiving on-going training, is important to us.”

Success story

The introduction of KernPack’s packaging solution has revolutionised the way in which Route One Print operates, enabling them to significantly improve its efficiencies within the production centre. The introduction of the new solution has reduces the amount of work by 1,440 hours per month which is equal to the workload of two employees, retrained and utilised elsewhere in the business. KernPack’s solution has streamlines their process saving both time and money. Route One Print can continually keep ahead of schedule and respond to more business opportunities.



We were impressed by KernPack’s thorough and detailed approach. They also factored in our future plans, which meant the solution would grow with us.

Lewis Burke

Procurement Manager

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