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KernPack deliver a range of semi and automatic tray sealing machines to suit your application and budget, whatever you are packaging. Our range of reliable and robust machines will withstand the toughest production environments.

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“Although our customers are largely UK-based we are competing in a global market so ensuring we’ve the best technology at our disposal is a matter of business survival and success – this is why we turned to KernPack”.

Peter Rae

Managing Director

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KernPack deliver a range of semi and automatic tray sealing machines ideal for the ready meal and food traying sectors from Tecnovac.

We supply high quality and cost effective packaging machines and have built a superb reputation for both quality and reliability through excellence in design and development.

For high capacity production:

  • Orion – Packaging in modified atmosphere, modular, for high capacity production
  • Orion Maxi – For packaging large trays or moulds with several cavities

For small to medium sized operations:

  • Athena – For packaging combinations of compatible trays in modified atmosphere
  • Athena Double Chamber – This version can have two identical moulds
  • Athena H250 – Packaging in modified atmosphere for small to medium sized companies
For simpler or more complex needs, our in-house experts can help you to find the best packaging machine solution to meet your exact requirements.
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