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KernPack have comprehensive packaging and banding machine solutions for Plastic and Paper Cup Packaging, Textile Packaging, Cosmetics, Automotive, Bike Tyres, Aerosol, Tissue, Pharma Packaging and Contract Packing.


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Solutions provided by KernPack are:

Tyre Packaging

Find out more about KernPack tyre wrapping solutions here

Cosmetics, Automotive, Aerosol and Pharma Packaging

Solutions provided by KernPack are:

Tissue and Paper Roll Packaging

Complete lines and systems are available from KernPack

Plastic Cups, Disposables and Paper Cup Packaging

Complete lines and systems from KernPack, tailor made to work with your products.

Tailor made systems for complete cups packaging lines, including automatic loading, counting and grouping systems and fully automatic case packers, or just a shrink wrapper, KernPack packaging machines for disposables have the solution.

Contract Packing

Solutions provided by KernPack are:

For simpler or more complex needs, our in-house experts can help you to find the best packaging machine solution to meet your exact requirements.
Give us a call, we’re always happy to help!

Tech Specs

Ultra Sonic Banders for Laundry

Flow Wrapping FP015-Evo Data Sheet

Flow Wrapping FP016-Evo Data Sheet

L-Sealing / LS Semi-Automatic Wrapping Brochure

Cartoning Machine GEOS

Cartoning Machine DOM

STAR Shrink Wrapping Machine (box motion cantelever)

SOL Shrink Wrapping (intermittent motion) Machine

DEA Shrink Wrapping (box motion) Machine

Handle Application Machine BEL

Shrink Tunnel Range






“The KernPack machine has made our distribution a lot easier to manage, meaning we’ll keep the current workforce a lot longer, retaining the knowledge and experience in the business. The machine has made a huge difference to the workforce carrying out their day to day business.

Owen Phillips

Operations Manager

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