Multihead Weighers

KernPack offer a range of Multihead Weighers for automated dosing. Dry, fragile, fresh and frozen food products can be safely, accurately and efficiently handled by our multihead weighing systems.

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Our Multihead Weighers come in all sizes – from 10 to 24 heads, standard or dimple versions. Whether you are processing nuts, olives, pasta or frozen prawns, our weighing systems will handle your products with accuracy and care.

For dry products, our standard version “W” series is the ideal system for automatic dosing of your bulk products.

Designed for dry products such as coffee, nuts, snacks, and rice, this system is what you need. Accuracy is guaranteed and this model comes in 10, 14, 18 or 24 head configuration. This system has a weight range from 10 gr up to 5kg. All parts of this machine that come into contact with the product can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

For fragile and dry products, the gentle slope version is the solution for automatic dosing.

The soft slope design ensures you don’t get any breakage. Important when it comes to preserving profit margins for products such as crisps, biscuits, breadsticks and delicate pasta. When your product needs extra care with its processing, the gentle slope weigher is the one to choose. This system comes in 10 or 14 head configuration with a weight range from 10gr to 5kg. As with all our weighers, accuracy is guaranteed and cleaning and maintenance is easy and quick.

For fresh and frozen products, the dimple version offers the best solution for automatic dosing.

When it comes to working with salads, olives, frozen peas or fruits, you will need a system that not only treats your product with care, but can be quickly and easily, and most importantly, safely cleaned. Available with 10 of 14 head configuration and a weight range from 10gr to 5kg, the dimple weighing system can process your fresh and frozen products accurately and effectively.

For simpler or more complex needs, our in-house experts can help you to find the best packaging machine solution to meet your exact requirements.
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Multihead Weighers

The VFFS machine has brought benefits to several key areas: firstly, the airtight seal is so good that the shelf-life of products has now been extended from 3 months to 1 year which has made us more attractive to big distributors, wholesalers and supermarkets.

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