Whether you’re packaging tyres or drainpipes, cupboards or bearings, garden tools or cables, KernPack have an affordable and effective solution to package your particular products so that they arrive at their destination perfectly packed.

Productivity is one of the manufacturing industry’s biggest challenges today, and it’s well known that the answer to this is automation and technology. Although there is initial investment in machinery, automating processes and introducing new technologies will allow your business to experience improved efficiency further down the line, making you more productive than your competitors.

Businesses that are going to succeed and thrive in this market, are the ones that are willing to invest and stand out from the crowd.

KernPack can offer your business pro-active, forward thinking solutions that will help you take advantage of the manufacturing sector’s growth potential and overcome major industry challenges. Our automated solutions for manufacturing, construction and automotive products delivered by KernPack are:

Shrink Wrapping

KernPack offers a range of Shrink Wrapping solutions for wrapping long products, wood and large products such as guttering and drainage, timber and board, guttering and plasterboard. Expensive products need protection from damage caused by impact, dirt and dust and the rigours of transit with no sag or loosening. Products that are shrink wrapped are space saving – no more boxes and storage issues ( and shrink film is more cost effective than cardboard cartons). KernPack shrink wrappers offer small companies the ability to professionally package your products with a relatively low start up cost. High output operations can quickly and affordably produce shrink wrapped products with a solution specifically tailored to your particular requirements.

Sleeve Wrapping

KernPack offers a range of high quality Sleeve Wrapping solutions for packaging long, wood and large products. Sleeve wrapping is particularly suited to wrapping tyres and other automotive products for shipment.

Until recently, most tyres were stacked in bundles and tied together with a piece of string ready for dispatch. Many distribution carriers have stipulated that all tyre shipments now have to be wrapped. Increased pressure to despatch multiple orders in time for next day delivery, combined with the loss of time due to hand wrapping, which is time consuming, costly and inefficient, means tyre manufacturers/distributors are looking for an alternative solution. Sleeve wrapping is the ideal automated solution –  making same day orders a piece of cake.

Banding Systems and Solutions

KernPack supply a range of top quality Ultra-Sonic Banding solutions and systems for a variety of production applications, from standard to high tech. With their state of the art cold weld technology, your products are banded safely without compromising appearance or shelf appeal, and can be branded with your own messaging to give you that competitive edge.


Sleeve Wrapping Machine SFE 800 SA

Semi Automatic with manual loading system


Sleeve Wrapping Machine SFE 800 NF

In line feeding suitable for long products


Sleeve Wrapping Machine SFE 1100S NF

In line feeding for large sized packages


Sleeve Wrapping Machine SFE 800 AU

Automatic compact machine for small to medium packages


Ultra Sonic Bander US 2000 RDV

Open arch bander for circular products


Ultra Sonic Bander US 21000 BL

Banding solution for stacked products


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Banding and Strapping

Ultra Sonic Banding Solutions

Banding Solutions for food and non food applications


Sleeve Wrapping Machines

SFE 800 SA

Sleeve wraper semi automatic with manual loading


SFE 800 NF

Sleeve wrapper for long products


SFE 1100 S NF

Sleeve wrapper with in line feeding and S tunnel


SFE 800 AU

Sleeve wrapper automatic with 90 degree feed


Film and Consumables

Quality film and consumables from KernPack to ensure your products reach their destination perfectly packaged

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