Ultrasonic Banders for Convenience Food Packaging

When packaging convenience food products, the requirements of producers and the retail trade have to be combined. In the case of tray-packed foods, manufacturers want to protect the tray and display its contents in as few processing cycles as possible. The retail trade and producers require efficient, easy-to-handle solutions for bundling individually packed products into special/promotional multi-packs.

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In addition to efficiency alone, ultrasonic banding machine solutions should also guarantee hygiene, ensure that the product appearance is attractive and has advertising appeal, ensure flexibility in terms of time (in the case of fresh products with short expiry dates), minimize stock using individualized (price) printing, transport products more securely, put them into stock rotation more quickly and place them in a more favorable location (Shelf Ready Packaging).

Efficient ATS solution with Ultra-Sonic technology: Packaging with JIT-printed band

For tray-packed food products, such as for example sushi, fresh salads or dried meats, the ATS banding system performs three processing cycles in one: the JIT-printable band with viewing window

• protects the tray (opening and hygiene protection)
• replaces the price label (expiry date)
• replaces the product information label (composition)

For bundling multipacks (e.g. for sausages, ham, fresh pasta), banding is the perfect solution:
• The band requires little material, is environmentally friendly as well as being an effective advertising tool
• Prices and codes of all types can be printed online by a thermal transfer printer
• Unsold promotional goods can be easily traced in an orderly manner, and logistics handling is simplified

ATS machines for the convenience food sector: From standard to hightech

Our extremely extensive experience in the food sector and indepth knowledge of machine construction consistently leads to tailored, sustainable solutions.

The modular-design standard: US-2000 LD1: compact, well-engineered, reliable, mobile. High production performance due to the open arch and adjustable loop size.

The advertising driven stainless model:
US-2000 ADU-R: For banding in a humid environment. Control from water-tight housing. Affixes bands with 60 mm film, providing plenty of space for advertising and markings. Very well suited to promotional multipacks.

All-rounder for food promotions: US-2000 PIC-STA: Inline machine for stacking and banding.

Optional 2 – 12 products/stack respectively 48 – 160 products/min.
Non-stop production thanks to intermediate stacker.
Bands from 50 – 170 micron thickness processable.

Specializes in varying print images:
US-2000 MDM-P: A thermal transfer printer prints different items (customer/product information) alternately on unprinted base material or on pre-printed bands. Max. print image length: 150 mm.

Multi-stacking at top speed:
US-2000 SIB-FD: Direct connection to highperformance
machine upstream. Comprises
two banding machines. Protects the product
and is efficient with a minimal number of operators.
Optional 2 or 3 products/stack at speeds of
92 – 98 products/min. respectively.

Cold welding, edge-protection, user-friendly: ATS banding technology

With a minimum of material, you can package products expertly, gently strap goods and bundle items while adding extra marketing value. That’s banding technology in a nutshell.

Find three of the many benefits below:

  • Ultra-Sonic cold welding
  • Unique from ATS: No heat generation to create tear-free welding – even when humidity, dust or cold temperatures are present. No maintenance required, clean, harmless.
  • Adjustable sealing strength. The adhesion strength of the sealing can be adjusted extensively, from «slightly adherent» to «strong».

Easy-to-use digital control unit

The DCP 2000 control unit in 12 languages guarantees direct access to all of the important functions. Diagnosis and statistics tool provides cost transparency.

Machines with sophisticated technology

Special time-saving features include the automatic band feed
and band-end monitoring.