Tray Sealing Machines – Technovac – Athena, Orion and Olympia

Automatic and semi-automatic tray sealing machines from Technovac.

  • Vacuum gas
  • Skin effect
  • Easy peel
  • Incut

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The automatic sealing machine model Athena can package in a modified atmosphere any combination of compatible trays and top film purposed for these machines.

With a strong stainless steel structure, easy maintenance and hygiene, this machine is perfect for use in small and medium-sized companies.

It is also possible to use the moulds of the semi-automatic tray sealer Olympia on the Athena.

The machine is available in different versions:

  • Athena S: Only sealing
  • Athena VG: Sealing and vacuum-gas
  • Athena H250: For trays up to 250mm high


The automatic sealing machine model Orion is both strong and very reliable. It is simple to use and easy to maintain. The Orion tray-sealer fulfills hygiene requirements. Able to perform well in Modified Atmospheres, together with precision delivery when conveying trays to the chamber for sealing. With advanced features like the incut and skin effect, the machine can show off the product in the best way. With a modular configuration that allows for the integration of weighing and dosing systems, de-nesters, printers and lidding machine additions. Reliable and efficient, this machine is ideal for high production tray sealing runs.


The Olympia model tray sealing machine packages food products in pre-formed trays with the addition of MAP. It is ideal for the packaging of ready-meals to improve shelf life, protect food from damage during transportation, and present the product attractively.

Made of stainless steel combining a basic unit and vacuum pump. Mechanical and pneumatics are controlled by a microprocessor with 10 different cycles for tray-sealing different products. A built in electronic sensor ensures precision in controlling both the vacuum and gas.

The aluminium mould is custom built per client to obtain exact precision in the dimensions of the package.

The machine is available in three different versions:

  • Olympia S: Only sealing
  • Olympia VG: Sealing and vacuum-gas
  • Olympia H250: trays up to 250mm high