SOL Side Sealing Intermittent Motion Machines

What this unique design promises, it delivers. Continuous, side-sealing machine with an intermittent motion sealing bar. Now available in an Economy version as well. Reliability is our first and foremost priority, and we know you’ll never grow tired of using it.

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General features

Continuous, side-sealing machine equipped with an intermittent welding bar. High precision & quality thanks to the fine profile. This machine can handle any kind of film by simply using some additional optional sealing systems.

FILM: Polyolefin, PE, Polypropylene, Barrier Films

The machine has a three belts sealing system which allows to achieve considerable film saving thanks to the reduced space between the side seal and the products. Savings on film and the possibility to work with different kind of films, both cross linked and not, is a great advantage.

Preferred Packing machines can be equipped with different types of infeed and outfeed conveyors: flighted conveyors, conveyors with pushers, intralox, etc; pushers, feeders stackers, shrink tunnels and many other accessories to create a complete line.

Specific features

Sol is equipped with a transversal sealing bar that moves vertically and descends when the product arrives, in order to cut and seal the bag on the front and back sides with rapidity & accuracy.

Flexibility is the big advantage on the SOL machines. Thanks to continuous side sealing there are no limits in product length. Product sizes up to 1000mm width and height up to 40 cm. Speed calculated with A4 format: up to 3000 – 4500 pcs/hr.

Wrapping and shrinking solutions: standard wrapping and bagging shrink wrapping, bag with Euro hole or handle; systems that add an hole or handles to the bag in order to carry or hang the products easily, easy opening.

“Modified atmosphere system”- MAP: to pack in protected atmosphere with Barrier Film & Polypropylene.