SF-E – Shrink Wrapping Machines

The SF-E range of wrapping machines comes from a more than 20-year specialist experience in this field. The SF-E range boasts high-precision mechanics and delivers advanced technological solutions, namely:

  • extremely compact shape to fit small dimensioned areas and to ensure energy saving
  • high speed and precision even during routine operation
  • complete reliability and low maintenance

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SF-E 800 NF – Sample Machine Specification

Technical specifications

High speed production means delivery of up to 20 packages a minute. The self-cleaning hot bar is able to provide extremely precise smoke-free sealing with no maintenance being required. Includes a pneumatic air blower for rapid cooling of the seal.

  • Upper and lower motor-operated film unwind by adjustable cams
  • Moveable parts fitted on cemented steel guide rods and on sleeve ball-bearings to perform durability and precision slippage even in a dusty environment
  • Fully steel-made machine, with extensive use of stainless steel
  • Shrink-wrapping tunnel with special thermoinsulating system to ensure energy saving and cold external frame
  • Top-quality electric parts, digital temperature controllers and tunnel conveyor belt speed adjustable by inversion
  • Operation versatility thanks to a wide range of modular accessories
  • Either the 90°-positioned or inline feed systems are available
  • Automatic composition of multipacks packages on several rows with a cardboard tray under the product