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KernPack provides a range of packaging solutions for the Food and Drink industry for greater efficiency and productivity.

From Tray Sealers and Thermoformers to Shrink Wrappers, Flow Wrappers, Baggers, Multihead Weighers, Ultra Sonic Banding solutions and Vacuum Chambers, KernPack has an affordable, top quality solution to fit your application.

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Whether you’re a small producer of artisan ready meals looking to automate your production for the first time, or you’re an experienced food and drink manufacturer seeking a faster, more efficient solution, KernPack has the products and in-house experts to help you

We’ve got all types of affordable, top quality solutions for the food and drink industry; from tray sealers, vacuum packers and thermoformers, to shrink wrappers, L sealers, flow wrappers, Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines, Multihead Weighers and ultra sonic banding solutions. We even have an entry level, flexible multi-format, ergonomically designed food packaging system that can be used for horizontal (HFFS) or vertical wrapping (VFFS). A multitude of products ranging from snacks, fruit, vegetables, bread, sweets, seafood, dairy and cold meats can be processed with this great little machine.

But which solution is right for your product range? Let’s take a look:

Ready MealsReady Meals sized

Many ready meals on the market are packaged using a Tray Sealing machine, which both high-volume and low-volume producers can benefit from. Here’s how it works:

  • The tray is hand filled or filled automatically depending on the product
  • The food is packed in protective atmosphere or with “skin effect”
  • A film lid is tightly sealed onto the tray
  • A pre-printed band or sleeve can then be placed over the sealed tray.

Tray Sealing machines save you time and money, and can be tailored to your products to produce consistently great products, every time.

Tray Sealing machines are also used for packaging raw meats, charcuterie and cold cuts, fish, cheeses, fresh olives, deli products, dried fruits and dips.

Ultra Sonic Banders

Fresh fruit and veg/produceShrink wrapped Apples in tray

Depending on the product, there are several packaging options for fresh fruit and veg: L Sealing and Flow Wrapping being two options

Flow wrapping is essentially the process in which food is wrapped in film and sealed, either tightly or loosely depending on the product being wrapped. The produce remains fresh and protected while packaging design and branding can easily be integrated.

Flow wrapping machines are also used for fresh bread and baguettes, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, biscuits, cookies and morning goods. L sealing machines guarantee the same pressure on all parts of the film and as a result the package is completely closed and the tightness of the wrapping is consistent. Also, where the quality of film joined around the product is limited, lots of film is saved.

Meat and Seafoodtrayed meat

Certain products must be kept as fresh and preserved as possible for maintaining freshness, such as meat and fish. For this, a Vacuum Packing machine is widely used. Here’s how it works:

  • Produce is placed into a plastic film pouch
  • Oxygen is removed from inside the pack
  • The pack is sealed tightly

By reducing atmospheric oxygen the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi is limited and prevents evaporation of components.

Vacuum packing doesn’t require large machinery; for smaller producers there are versatile compact vacuum sealers that can sit comfortably on a table top, while larger units are also available for large production volumes.

Vacuum Packing machines are also used for: cheeses, cured meats, smoked fish, even cereals and coffee It’s also worth noting that the air compression can be altered for more delicate products!

Fresh Baked Goodsroberts rolls

With bakery being consumed by 99% of the population, bakers are looking for more innovative products to satisfy an even more discerning customer. From artisan breads, buns, muffins and cookies to more exotic sweet treats and food to go, bakers are keen to grab shopper’s attention. Flow wrapping, shrink wrapping, tray sealing and banding are some of the key packaging solutions offering innovative and efficient solutions to bakers’ production needs.

Flow wrapping is the process of wrapping a product in a clear or printed film. The product remains fresh and protected, while packaging design and branding can easily be integrated for shelf appeal and customer retention.

Cheesescheese vac packed_banner

Dairy products can be packed in a variety of ways, from bagging, tray sealing in pre-formed or thermoformed trays, to vacuum packing and even shrink and flow wrapping. Cheese needs to be hygienically wrapped and have shelf appeal for the increasingly demanding consumer. Machines to suit artisan cheese makers selling into deli or farm shop outlets might choose a small vacuum chamber, whereas larger producers looking for automation and increased output may opt for a shrink wrapping system, or tray sealer – particularly suitable for softer cheeses.

Fresh coffee, cereals, nuts, seeds and dried meatIsle of Wight Biltong packaging by Kernpack

The niche food market comprising of everything from gourmet coffee beans to barley and cereals, beef jerky to nuts and raisins, tends to package produce using Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machines. Here’s how it works:

  • Plastic bags are constructed out of a roll of film
  • The bags are filled with the product
  • They are tightly sealed at the top (unlike Flow Wrapping, the only seal is at the top)

Automating the process instead of putting your products together manually, like all packaging processes, will have a massive impact on your productivity, product shelf life and shelf appeal. Your products can be pre-measured using one of our multihead weighers for automatic dosing.

KernPack solutions for food and drink

We have a range of quality, affordable solutions for:

For simpler or more complex needs, our in-house experts can help you to find the best packaging machine solution to meet your exact requirements.

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