Flow Wrapping Machines

KernPack delivers a complete range of Flow Wrapping machines and solutions for packaging food and non-food applications.

Our affordable, easy to use flow wrapping machines are suitable for the smaller company wanting to automate their packaging processes for the first time, to the larger producer looking for more productivity and efficiency. KernPack’s in-house experts can advise you on the best solution for your budget and needs.

Our packaging machines are all electronic, robust and simple to manage. Our extensive range of models offers excellent solutions for all packaging sectors, including automatic supply lines and end- of-line packaging.

We can provide the perfect tailor-made solution for any product. Our solutions range from controlled atmosphere to high-speed applications, up to high intensity production automated factory lines.

Our flow pack packaging machines and systems will treat your product with the same amount of care and attention you take to produce it.

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What is Flow Wrapping?

Flow wrapping which can also be known as fin seal wrapping and horizontal bagging, is the process of wrapping a product in a clear or printed polypropylene film.

The end result is a flexible package with a crimped top and bottom seal. To put it simply whenever you open a bag of crisps and wonder how they have stayed fresh and kept their crunch, this is down to flow wrapping.

Materials Used

Different packaging materials are used depending on the product. To create a unique design which matches your specific branding, up to 10 colours can be used on the printed polypropylene film; food grade clear films can also be used. Other materials are also available such as; cellulose film and heat, sealable lacquered materials and plastics laminated to paper film or foil.

Examples of Uses

All kinds of food products can be flow wrapped; non-food products include such things as leaflets, booklets, scratch cards, electrical and computer hardware.

Our packaging product range includes

  • Bread and Cake Packaging Lines
  • Sponge Cake Packaging Lines
  • On Edge Biscuit Packaging Lines
  • Automatic Packaging Lines for on Pile Biscuit Packaging Lines
  • Biscuit Packaging for End of Line
  • Packaging and Filling Units
  • Multipack Handling Robots
  • Vision Handling Units and ABB Flex Pickers
  • Multi-format vertical/horizontal inclinable machine

Flow Wrapping Specifications and Requirements

Our KernPack Horizontal Flow Wrapping machine product range caters for a variety of speeds and application requirements:

  • Box Motion – speeds from 50 ppm up to 100 in modified atmosphere.
  • Intermittent Motion – speeds up to 25 ppm.
  • Rotary Motion – speeds from 200 ppm up to 1000 on automatic lines.
  • Flow Wrapping solutions for irregular shaped items – various speeds.

For simpler or more complex needs, our in-house experts can help you to find the best packaging machine solution to meet your exact requirements.

Give us a call, we’re always happy to help!

Tech Specs

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“We are now able to sell our products to wider discerning customer, and to know that the flow wrapper can cater for additional volumes in the future is a big plus from us. I am delighted with our new system and the results it has achieved, as I’m always looking to move my business forward”.


Colin Sneddon

Owner, Wheat Free Bakery Direct

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