Whether your product is refrigerated or frozen food, pharmaceuticals, clothing or anything else that your customer has ordered to be delivered, Kern Smart Terminals are the smart answer to your logistics challenges.

Introducing 3 options for indoor and outdoor spaces:

Kern City Terminal – ideal for easy access in public spaces such as train stations, petrol sites, supermarkets etc. Easy to use and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Equipped with the most advanced technology and able to be installed indoors or outdoors.

Kern Home Terminal – perfect for apartment buildings or other shared spaces for incoming mail and packages. Offering users a convenient way of collecting their parcels when leaving or returning home. These state of the art lockers utilise the same advanced technology as the City Terminals.

Kern Refrigerated and Freezer Terminals allow the temporary storage of chilled and frozen food and online purchases such as pharmaceuticals without interrupting the refrigeration chain. Fully automated and able to be managed remotely.

The Kern 24/7 Smart Terminals are available in a variety of different configuration options, depending on what the customer requires. They can be arranged in a line, in an L shape or in a U shape. Additional modules can be added or removed very easily, and the size of the compartments can also be varied as required.

These lockers offer a wide range of logistical services to both business and the domestic markets.

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