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Male grooming

In 2015 the UK cosmetics industry was reported to be worth 17. 1 billion with a workforce of over 1 million working within the industry. With a predicted growth rate of 16% within 2016, it makes it one of the fasted growing markets in the UK.

The recent boom in the cosmetics industry can be attributed to its expansion into the male grooming anti-ageing markets.

Dame Joan Collins was once quoted as saying ‘Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine…’

As more women are wanting to transform their youthful looks into beautiful works of art later on life, many women in their early 20’s are starting to use anti-aging products meant for women over 40’s. This has helped fuel sales in anti-aging skin care products in the cosmetics industry. In 2014 anti-aging skin care products accounted for 42% of the skincare market and generated £501 million worth of sales.

In the male grooming market, male celebrities like David Beckham are endorsing male grooming products and with the advent of hipster barbering shops selling an eclectic mix of male grooming products and offering bespoke facials for men, the choice within cosmetics markets for men has widened.

A survey revealed that 57% of men quizzed about their daily grooming habits revealed using up to 6 to 10 products ranging from shampoo to hairstyling products, with shampoo being the product that they couldn’t live without.

This means ladies, the battle for bathroom cabinet is well and truly on!

To make sure our customers can keep up with the rapid demand for cosmetic items, KernPack introduced a range of sleeve wrapping and side sealing systems which are designed to produce consistently high quality wrapped cosmetic items no matter what their shape or their dimensions.perfume bottles

Our sleeve wrapping and side sealing systems will not only ensure our customers cosmetics arrive at their final destination intact and looking professional, but it will also save them time and reduce their manual labour costs.

At KernPack we understand that the life expectancy of cosmetic items in the market is very short and that our customers are under pressure to keep up with new trends and refresh old packaging on lines, which also can include changing the size and shape of cosmetic items.

KernPack’s versatile machines can package cosmetic products of different sizes, types and formats with perfect results to suit your requirements.Aerosol sized

Our solutions give professionally finished packs for single or multipack applications. The machines can be specified for wrapping for either transit or display type applications where presentation of the product is key.

Featuring in-line or side feed automatic systems, our sleeve wrapping solutions provide efficient and consistent productivity, while ensuring high quality film wrapping. These systems offer different types of infeeds and machine widths and can be augmented with our other equipment to form complete lines.


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