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Greefs Beef BiltongNick and Sarah Greef from the Isle of Wight have been making biltong from British beef since 2011. Since buying their Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machine from KernPack they have seen vast improvements in packing speed and seal quality, and now supply not only Selfridges in London but export to Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands! Sarah says that the four-fold increase on the original three month shelf life and productivity have enabled them to meet the growing demand for Greefs 100% handmade Beef Biltong.

With sales up by 60% this year, Nick and Sarah claim the growth has been made possible by the KernPack equipment which they claim has revolutionised their manufacturing process and doubled their turnover! They are now packaging 150kg of product into 30 bags in just under four hours compared to the eight hours to pack a 50kg batch it took before they bought their KernPack VFFS machine. Sarah says that they can now pack 22 packets a minute so they are able to fulfill larger and regular orders now.

Watch the video about Nick and Sarah’s growing biltong business.

IOW Biltong

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