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Robots, laser guided vehicles and so much more

KernPack adds end-of-line automation to our product portfolio.  We are delighted to announce that we are working with robotics and laser  guided vehicle specialist Skilled Group, enabling us to sell their complete range of robotic palletising systems and automatic guided vehicles. By adding end-of-line warehouse automation to our packaging and mailing solutions, we are now able to… Read more

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KernPack becomes UK’s sole distributor for General System Pack

We are proud to announce an exclusive UK and Ireland sales and distribution agreement with GSP (General System Pack), which will see KernPack offering the Italian firm’s entire range of flow wrappers and packaging systems. GSP specialises in flow wrappers, high-speed automated lines, end-of-line packaging and controlled atmosphere applications. Known around the world for its… Read more

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Ready, Steady, Snack!

In 2015 the food on the go market was worth an estimated £20.2bn which represented 25% of what people spent on eating out in the UK. With a growth rate of 5%, the food on the go market outperforms what we spend on our food shopping in general.

Researchers have identified 2 unique growth areas with the food to go market. The first one is general snacking which is up by 3% and breakfast substitutes which up by 7%.

Due to lifestyle changes and people living busier lives, many people are now eating breakfast on the go, this can range from cereal/protein bars to fruit or even a sandwich.

Rather than sitting down to a meal, people want their mealtimes to fit around them so they can multi task their lifestyles and free up time to do other things and they want to while feel fuller for longer.

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Classic cake makers seal a deal with KernPack

Wholesale cake manufacturer Fresh Eric’s wanted to achieve a higher standard of packaging and sealing, due to their business growing as a result of greater customer demand for their products. Working with KernPack, Fresh Eric’s modernised their production with the addition of a new L500 L-Sealer and freed up 3 full days of labour.

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Guide to the Food & Drink Expo 2016

When you have a new product, you want to get it in front of people as quick as possible. This is what makes exhibiting a new food or drink product at expositions so important – the instant recognition you receive as to whether people like it or not. The buzz you can create could carry… Read more

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The rise of the loaf

Much has been reported lately about bread’s crumbling fortunes; that the nation’s affection for a sliced loaf has started to go stale – and bloating? Well, that’s just the yeast of your worries, apparently. And yet, if you take a look on the web, you’ll see that the reverse seems to be the case: there… Read more

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White loaf vs free from bread [Infographic]

One of the simplest and most historically important foodstuffs, bread has become a controversial topic in recent years – and what a colossal shame. That something which has sustained global populations for so long is now actively avoided in certain forms is so sad. That’s gratitude, eh? Though while sales of standard – particularly white… Read more

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KernPack joins forces with University of Portsmouth’s packaging experts

New research aims to help food manufacturers improve links between process and product innovation. KernPack has announced a new research partnership with University of Portsmouth Business School, to help food manufacturers better understand the benefits of developing a closer relationship between their process and product innovation. KernPack is sponsoring the University’s Product Innovation Research Group to… Read more

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Beefing up production with our Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine

Nick and Sarah Greef from the Isle of Wight have been making biltong from British beef since 2011. Since buying their Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machine from KernPack they have seen vast improvements in packing speed and seal quality, and now supply not only Selfridges in London but export to Germany, Slovakia and… Read more

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