KernPack supplies a range of consumables to complement our packaging systems and solutions – film, banding and strapping.

Our range of flexible packaging films are of consistently exceptional quality and offer valuable advantages in presentation, protection, collation packs and tamper evidence.

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Polyolefin Shrink Film – Display Packaging

Designed for shrink wrapping products where a superb display finish is required for presentation purposes, coupled with excellent pack strength during handling and transit. Polyolefin is a high clarity, glossy film, offering superior display characteristics to enhance your products. Polyolefin can be run on manual through to high speed shrink wrapping, is available in both flat and centre folded formats, and a wide variety of thicknesses and widths.

Polyethylene Shrink or Bagging Film – Transit and Collation Packaging

Produces a strong, secure, inexpensive wrap, making it ideal for shrink wrapping or bagging products for transit. Due to its high strength and puncture resistance it is often used for multi-packs or heavy and bulky items. Polyethylene is available in coloured, printed, opaque and high clarity film, and a wide variety of thicknesses and widths. Designed to run at high speed of a variety of machines, and is available in both flat and centre folded formats with a variety of slip levels and shrink ratios.

Polyethylene Mailing Film – Mailing

Our mailing film is the perfect choice for the security conscious mail house and online distribution sector where pack integrity is paramount while in the postal system. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths, opaque, coloured or printed. Our mailing film is high clarity offering excellent seal strength for both overlap and side seal applications.

Polypropylene Film – Food and Display Packaging

BOPP – Biaxially Orientated film is a high clarity material with excellent seal strengths, and the standard choice for flow wrapping systems. Widely used across all market sectors including food, bakery and confectionary, along with many non-food products such as greetings cards, stationery and magazines. Laminated films offer an array of barrier properties including extended shelf life, modified atmosphere packaging (gas flushing), breathable, anti mist, microwaveable and dual ovenable. Printed and micro perforated versions are available.

CPP – Cast is a softer, less brittle version designed for use when film is inverted on high speed equipment, and is an excellent choice for magazine wrapping and news stand display where presentation quality and clarity is desirable.

Banding Material

Banding materials suitable for both heat-seal and ultra-sonic banding machines. We can supply everything from paper, transparent film, foamed film, clear film, coloured film and special stretch film which can be supplied pre-printed.

Thanks to Ultra Sonic technology, cost effective uncoated thin or thick film can be used for banding. Polypropylene and polyethylene film is environmentally friendly and reduces waste disposal costs. All qualities of paper and film materials can be imprinted with up to 8 colours in a range of widths, and is ideal for use in the food industry.

KernPack also provides materials to complement our range of Strapping Machines and Vacuum Packing Machines

Our consumables are of consistently excellent quality and priced competitively.

Vacuum Pouches – extended shelf life packaging

Vacuum pouches extend food shelf life by creating an airless environment to prevent food from spoiling. High puncture resistance.

Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, we can also supply tinted pouches and gold foil backed.

Strapping – transit security

Polypropylene and Polyester strapping materials secure products through transit. High quality materials reduce the maintenance problems associated with lower grade straps. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours for all types of machinery and hand tools.

For simpler or more complex needs, our in-house experts can help you to find the best packaging machine solution to meet your exact requirements.
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