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KernPack are the experts in packaging machinery solutions and automation, whether it’s wrapping hot cross buns, magazines or mail. With over 60 years experience with precision systems, we are proud of our superb reputation. The success of our customers is the most important part of our business. We believe that KernPack does not succeed unless our customers do, and so we are constantly innovating to develop new technologies, products and services to keep you one step ahead of the market.

Our in-house experts focus on the unique packaging needs of our diverse customer base, whatever their business or budget.

KernPack offer packaging machinery, systems and solutions across a broad range of industry sectors.

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Ready, Steady, Snack!

In 2015 the food on the go market was worth an estimated £20.2bn which represented 25% of what people spent on eating out in the UK. With a growth rate of 5%, the food on the go market outperforms what we spend on our food shopping in general.

Researchers have identified 2 unique growth areas with the food to go market. The first one is general snacking which is up by 3% and breakfast substitutes which up by 7%.

Due to lifestyle changes and people living busier lives, many people are now eating breakfast on the go, this can range from cereal/protein bars to fruit or even a sandwich.

Rather than sitting down to a meal, people want their mealtimes to fit around them so they can multi task their lifestyles and free up time to do other things and they want to while feel fuller for longer.

Classic cake makers seal a deal with KernPack

Wholesale cake manufacturer Fresh Eric’s wanted to achieve a higher standard of packaging and sealing, due to their business growing as a result of greater customer demand for their products. Working with KernPack, Fresh Eric’s modernised their production with the addition of a new L500 L-Sealer and freed up 3 full days of labour.

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“There are probably some really good sealing machines out there, but it’s the service KernPack back it up with. When we moved premises we only had 4 days stock to cover the 4 day move, so it was imperative that we kept to a tight schedule and we could rely on the equipment installed when we needed, and KernPack came through on time!”

“Because the end product looks so much better, with an excellent seal and more aesthetically pleasing too, we’re able to sell our products to a wider range of discerning customer. I’m delighted with our new KernPack flow wrapping system and with the results it has achieved. I’m always looking to move my business forward in the right direction.”