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KernPack are the experts in packaging machinery solutions and automation, whether it’s wrapping hot cross buns, magazines or mail. With over 60 years experience with precision systems, we are proud of our superb reputation. The success of our customers is the most important part of our business. We believe that KernPack does not succeed unless our customers do, and so we are constantly innovating to develop new technologies, products and services to keep you one step ahead of the market.

Our in-house experts focus on the unique packaging needs of our diverse customer base, whatever their business or budget.

KernPack offer packaging machinery, systems and solutions across a broad range of industry sectors.

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Case Studies

“We knew the decision to purchase our third system from KernPack was the right one.”

Andy Kettle, Joint Managing Director
GA Pet Food Partners

“The new demands of the carrier industry due to its increased automation mean more types of products have to be securely wrapped, in order to be accepted and travel through their handling systems. KernPack has an incredibly wide range of robust and reliable solutions that can wrap almost anything and help customers meet these emerging guidelines while at the same time increasing the efficiency of their logistics operations”.

Pete Jolley
General Manager